Year 9 Design & Visual Communication

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr T. Mitchell

Year 9 Design & Visual Communication

DVC is a subject that engages students in the purposeful study of drawing and design and challenges them to develop and communicate their design ideas. 
This course involves a range of set activities in Graphics Communication which enables students to-
•To be able to master and demonstrate a wide range of Graphic and drawing skills.
•To present these using advanced presentation techniques.
•To communicate ideas using the most appropriate Graphic Modes and Media.

Students will learn a wide range of visual communication techniques and drawing skills which includes freehand sketching, rendering and formal drawing using specialist drawing equipment and will be introduced to CAD (computer aided design). They will learn how to identify and use the appropriate visual modes and media to effectively present their design concepts.  


Assessment will based on a combination of class work and set assignment.

Course Overview

Term 1

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Qty OfficeMax Description
Product Code
1 2803615 A3 Warwick 17C9U Drawing Pad Refill 110gsm
2 1022598 Staedtler Traditional Graphite 2H pencil
2 1022849 Staedtler Traditional Graphite HB pencil
2 1022563 Staedtler Traditional Graphite 2B pencil
1 2899604 30cm Clear Plastic Ruler
1 2802449 Eraser
1 1422928 450 x 325 A3 Handy Pouch (recommended)
(Alternative 2212226 Warwick Drawing Folio 18N9, A


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