Year 10 Business Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr S. Healy

Business decision-making, management and participation through the following topics:

1.Scarcity, Choice, Values and Demand
2.Production and Productivity
3.Consumer Laws
4.Setting Up an Enterprise
5.Income, Borrowing and Investment

What skills will I learn?
Business decision making, processing and interpreting economic data, recognising different values, gathering and processing research data are integral to the study of business. Innovation and enterprise are integral in the Enterprise unit where students will operate their own businesses at a trade fair evening.

Assessment includes a number of practical exercises and tests plus a final end of year exam.


Social Sciences


Level 1 Accounting, Level 1 Economics

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$30 for Course work books.
2B8 exercise book, Blue or Black pens, Ruler, Highlighters, Refill, Clearfile.

Pathway Tags

Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive, Sales Manager, Banker, Market Researcher, Advertising, Sports Marketer, Events Manager, Teacher, Small Business Manager, Financial Analyst, Product Manager, Product Development, Human Resources Advisor, Recruitment Manager, Entrepreneur (in your own business), Journalist, Investment Banking, Retail Buying, Retail Management, Public Relations Officer, Bank Management, Distribution & Logistics Management, Insurance Underwriter, International Market Developer, Property Manager, Property Valuer, Property Developer, Insurance Underwrit