Year 10 Spanish

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss S. Priestley

Recommended Prior Learning

For native speakers - none. Native speakers of Spanish may enter Year 10 Spanish WITHOUT having taken Year 9 Spanish. Admission to Year 10 Spanish for these students will be done at the discretion of Miss Priestley and the Year 9 Dean.

Spanish in Year 10 builds on the basics from Year 9 and includes topics such as where you live, telling time, school subjects, transport, likes and dislikes and of course, food. We continue our exploration of culture and customs in the Spanish speaking world and look at different regions of Spain in detail. Students will use a workbook in class and have access to several free online language resources.

What skills will I learn?
Emphasis is placed on the four main language disciplines of listening, reading, writing and speaking with overall communication and appropriate social interaction a key focus. Students will learn through a variety of means including games, video clips, songs, role play and research.

Students will be assessed both informally (classroom interactions, quizzes, written tasks) and more formally in language and culture tests.

This course leads smoothly into Level 1 NCEA Spanish in Year 11. 




Level 1 Spanish

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$30, including subscription to Language Perfect educational software (Spanish)

1 2204320 Warwick 1B5 Exercise Book 7mm
Ruled 40 Leaves
1 1221507 OfficeMax Large Glue Stick 40g
1 1952013 OfficeMax Pink Text Highlighter Chisel Tip
1 1951998 OfficeMax Green Text Highlighter Chisel Tip

Pathway Tags

Interpreter Translator Teacher