Year 10 Social Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr S. Healy

Social Studies enables students to participate in a changing society as confident, informed and responsible citizens. Students will investigate and explore important social issues, make decisions, work cooperatively and build their knowledge of their history, their land, and their society. 

Social Studies Achievement Objectives
Time, Continuity and Change: How ideas and actions have shaped the lives and experiences of people through time - Ideas & Actions Unit
Time, Continuity and Change: How past events have influenced relationships within and between groups of people - Influence of Past Events Unit
Social Organisation: How and why people seek to gain and maintain social justice and human rights - Social Justice Unit
Skills : a range of visual, statistical and written comprehension activities will be covered in all the units - All Units
Resources and Economic Activities: The changing nature of work and the resulting consequences, and factors that affect people’s work opportunities and conditions - Work It Out! Unit
Culture and Heritage: The effects of interaction on cultures and societies, how people respond to diversity of cultures and heritages, and the consequences of such responses - Melting Pot Unit

What skills will I learn?
Social Studies emphasises the skills and processes involved in social participation. Students are challenged to think clearly and critically about human behaviour, to explore different values and viewpoints, collect and research information from a variety of sources, and process that information. They will need to communicate effectively and apply ideas to solve problems.

It will be assessed with a series of concept and skills assessments. There is a final exam in Term 4.


Social Sciences


Level 1 Economics, Level 1 Geography, Level 1 History

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$15 for course materials
2B8 exercise book, Blue or Black pens, Ruler, Highlighters, Refill, Clearfile.