Level 1 Digital Technologies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. Gray

Recommended Prior Learning

Successful completion of year 10 Digital or by negotiation with Teacher in Charge.

The focus for digital technology is on Programming. The focus is to build on those key competencies learned in years 9 and 10. Through programming, students will develop problem-solving skills, self-management skills through project management, relating to others when creating an outcome for a given issue.

Students will develop a working program to solve a given problem. Students will use text-based programming languages such as python and javascript. This will be covered in a portfolio of work covering 4 internal assessments.

Students will look at Human-Computer Interface design for the external part of the course. We have used those interfaces that are not user-friendly. Students consider how we interact with an interface and how different icons, colour and shape, placement, and language make an interface difficult or easy to use.

Please note with the changes in the NCEA the programming language may change.

Course Overview

Term 1
Term 1 students work on developing a proposal that addresses a given problem.

Term 2
Term 2 is spent finalising design concepts and constructing a working outcome program. This is also the time when project management becomes a key tool, students will learn how to use agile methods of project management to ensure that the final outcome is produced on time and is fit for purpose.

Term 3
Term 3 is spent finalising the final program, testing, and evaluating it to ensure it is fit for purpose. Once the project is completed students move onto preparing for the digital external exam looking at the human-computer interface.

Term 4
Week 1 is the external exam for digital technology. Currently, this is based on Human-Computer Interfaces.



Detailed Course Outline

Level 2 Digital Technologies

Career Pathways

Software Developer, Electronics Engineer, Information Technology Helpdesk/Support Technician, Graphic Pre-press Worker, Information Technology Architect, Recreation Co-ordinator, User Experience Designer, Test Analyst, Network Administrator, Penetration Tester, Scrum Master

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$10 software license for code avengers.

Pathway Tags

Accountant, Accounts Officer, Advertising, Auditor, Biomedical Engineer, Business Analyst, Computer Support Technician, Contact Centre Worker, Data Entry Operator/Transcriptionist, Database/Systems Administrator, Electronics Engineer, Energy Auditor, Financial Adviser, Financial Dealer, Game Developer, Helpdesk/Support Technician, Information Technology Architect, Information and Communication Technology Manager, Loss Adjuster, Management Consultant, Manager Marketing, Mortgage Broker, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Procurement Manager, Production Manager, Programmer, Real Estate Agent, Sales and Marketing, Software Architect, Systems Administrator, Telecommunications Engineer, Tertiary Lecturer, Test Analyst, Web Designer, Web Developer, Website Administrator, Energy

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