Level 1 Electronics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Li

Recommended Prior Learning

Electricity and Magnetism of Year 10 Science

The Year 11 Electronics course provides a pathway of higher level learning related to Electronics and Electricity. It also caters to the interests of building electronic circuits and programming an integrated circuit. The course offers four Unit Standards and one Achievement Standard, which combine both theoretical and practical learning targets. The wide range of learning targets allow the students to develop an understanding of the basic electrical principles and concepts used in Electronics and will involve a large amount of prototyping on breadboard and soldering. Other topics covered include a knowledge of the various components used and the interaction between components in several electronic projects. Students who are equipped with a strong work ethic and keen to learn hands-on skills will enjoy the practical projects which reinforce the theory in Physics. The topics covered will prepare the students for Electronics in Years 12 and enhance their learning in related subjects. The successful candidate needs to bring a suitable laptop for programming when required. 

Course Overview

Term 1
US5911, US15849, US18242

Term 2
US18242 continued, US18240

Term 3

Term 4
AS91881 continued