Level 1 Mathematics (External)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

Level 1 Mathematics (External) is designed for students who have successfully completed Year 9 and 10 Mathematics. Students should have a sound grasp of the Algebra covered in Year 10. There is a combination of Internally and Externally Assessed standards. 

The Internal Standards are assessed immediately after the class work is completed for that standard.
The "Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems" External Standard is assessed during school time in September: students sit an externally written 1 hour non-calculator test in class on a date set by NZQA.
The other External Standards are assessed in the NZQA administered exams at the end of the year (3 hour examination).

*Students who select this course may be placed into Level 1 Mathematics (Internal) instead at the discretion of the Head of Faculty Mathematics.




Level 2 Mathematics (External), Level 2 Mathematics (Internal)

A solid pass in this course is required for entry to Level 2 External Mathematics. In particular good grades in Algebra and Graphing are required.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Each student is required to have a Casio fx-92AU PLUS II Scientific Calculator
Education Perfect online tuition/homework annual subscription - $25