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For native speakers - none. Native speakers of Spanish may enter Year 11 Spanish WITHOUT having taken Year 9 or Year 10 Spanish. Admission to Year 11 Spanish for these students will be done at the discretion of Miss Priestley and the Year 10 Dean.

Year 11 Spanish focuses very much on the language skills needed to survive and thrive in a Spanish-speaking culture. Students will learn to communicate their own personal responses and have the opportunity to accumulate vocabulary on topics of most interest to them. Students will learn and use language of most immediate relevance to them, such as their daily routines, family, past events and future plans, how they spend their free time, eating out and making purchases.

The credits on offer are well-balanced between internal and external standards and across the four main language disciplines of reading, writing, speaking and listening; in Year 11 we also incorporate the skills of viewing and performing.

Learning a language has many benefits, including improved communication skills, travel opportunities, employment prospects and the ability to enjoy a whole new world of information and entertainment through books, movies, songs and websites.

Year 11 Spanish can lead all the way through to Year 13 where it is a University approved subject.




Level 2 Spanish

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$30 subscription to Education Perfect (Spanish)

1 1952013 OfficeMax Pink Text Highlighter
Chisel Tip
1 1951998 OfficeMax Green Text Highlighter
Chisel Tip
1 2204320 Warwick 1B5 Exercise Book 7mm
Ruled 40 Leaves
1 2339412 OfficeMax A4 Display Book 20
Pocket Yellow

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