Level 2 Design & Visual Communication

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr T. Mitchell

Recommended Prior Learning

12 Level 1 NCEA Graphics credits or by negotiation with HOF

The course is structured to enable students to extend their understanding and skills in designing to specific needs and requirements in Graphics Communication from research, conceptual ideas to final solution and presentation.
There are no exams associated with this subject. All work for NCEA is either internally assessed, (teacher) or externally moderated.




Level 3 Design & Visual Communication

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery


Qty OfficeMax Code Description
3 2803615 A3 Warwick 17C9U Drawing Pad Refill 110gsm
2 1022598 Staedtler Traditional Graphite 2H pencil
2 1022849 Staedtler Traditional Graphite HB pencil
2 1022563 Staedtler Traditional Graphite 2B pencil
1 2899604 30cm Clear Plastic Ruler
1 2802449 Eraser
1 12822520 A3 Art Carry Bag (recommended)
1 2855844 Circle Guide
1 2800373 Clear File A3 refillable display book

Pathway Tags

Design, Architecture, Engineering, Graphic Art, Graphic Designer, Computer Graphics, Building Industry, Boat Building – Design and Construction, Landscape industry, All the Trades.