Level 2 Electronics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Li

Recommended Prior Learning

The successful candidates must have a record of sound work ethics. Prior learning of Year 11 Electronics is preferred but not necessity. 

The world is increasingly "electronic", as the fast-evolving technology and its application continue to remodel our future society. Imagine what it is like in 10 years! “Science citizen” will play an active role in modern society, so you must be prepared for it. The Year 12 Electronics course provides a more detailed learning of electronic systems, circuit concepts and measurements for electronics. The course offers a combination of three Unit Standards and one Achievement Standard, which include both theoretical and practical learning targets. The wide range of learning targets allow the students to develop an understanding of the basic electronics theory and projects. Students who are equipped with a strong work ethic and keen to pursuit Electronics as a career pathway will enjoy the projects which reinforce theories in Electronics. The topics covered will prepare the students for learning Electronics on a higher level and enhance their learning in science and technology for the future. The successful candidate needs to bring a suitable laptop for programming when required. 

Course Overview

Term 1
US18239, US18243

Term 2
US18243, US18241

Term 3

Term 4