Level 3 Horticulture

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Gee

Recommended Prior Learning

Having done Yr 12 Horticulture is preferable but not essential.

This is a Unit Standard (open-book assessment) style course that continues on from the NCEA Level 2 Horticulture that is available to students in Year 12.  It is an even split of theory in the classroom and practical work in the horticulture gardens.  The course is designed for those students considering a trade or Wintec course in Arboriculture, forestry, production and amenity (landscaping) horticulture.  Major topics covered include; Amenity Horticulture – Basic Botany (plant identification) as well as the variety and uses of plants in Landscaping; Plant Husbandry - plant cultivation and propagation, protection and maintenance of plant health, plant processes and plant life cycles; Soil Media – Properties that make up soil and their effect on plant growth. Soil improvement and conditioning.




Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$20 towards the cost of seeds. All produce grown in the Horticulture gardens is the students and as such can be taken home.