Year 10 Drama

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs M. Hale

The course covers all strands of the Drama Curriculum and offers the opportunity to express oneself and develop a wide range of communication skills. Students will develop their knowledge of the theories and practices of Drama in real-life contexts. Topics include improvisation, theatre form and creating a project of interest. 

What skills will I learn?
Students will learn the Techniques and Conventions of drama, while increasing their confidence in verbal communication, presentation skills and public speaking. Other skills this course fosters is teamwork, analysing, and self-management.

Assessment will be linked to the New Zealand Curriculum and each of the four strands: Developing Practical Knowledge in Drama, Developing Ideas in Drama, Communicating and Interpreting in Drama and Understanding Drama in Context.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

2B5 Exercise book


This course covers a large range of skills that cross over into all subjects. A key focus is on communication, focus and developing analytical skills. These are key skills for most pathways.