St John's College (Hillcrest)

Welcome to SchoolPoint, the online system for course planning for 2024. Use the menu to the left to find out about our options process (including all deadlines), a summary of our pathways in addition to information on how to choose subjects and relevant NCEA information for those entering/in the senior school.

How to use the online course planning system (SchoolPoint)

Make sure you login first.

View courses by clicking on learning areas to view by faculty, overview to view by subject or on recommended courses to view courses that you meet re-requisites for.

1. If any compulsory subjects are listed (Y10 choosing Y11 English/Maths), these must be decided upon and selected first before you can start making your subject choices.

2. You must select your courses in your preference order, it is important that you do this so that we know your course priorities (these can be updated but compulsory courses must be listed as first priorities).

3. You will not be able to select your backup choice until all of your subject choice lines have been completed. If you change your mind on a course, go onto the course page, remove it from your options which frees up the line, allowing you to select an alternative.

4. Once choices are complete, go to your Courses I've Chosen page check subjects and priorities - adjust if needed and then click on complete my courses to tell us that you have completed the process.

If you are still unsure you might want to watch this video which explains how to use SchoolPoint.

Don't forget to update your profile with your personal email and mobile number.