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Kia ora koutou! Welcome to the English and Languages Faculty page

The subjects within the faculty have roots in the humanities: the languages of English, Te Reo Māori, and Spanish, and the fields of literature, drama, and media studies.  These subjects ask our student to explore the human world they live in, not through experiments and measurement but through rational analysis, emotional insight and imagination.

Our vision for our learners in the faculty is for them become:

  • Self-assured and erudite communicators who can speak, write, listen, and read with poise and confidence in a variety of situations for different audiences and purposes.  Out students will be challenged to engage with new ideas through language and literature, gaining insight and understanding so they can develop the skills to pass the ‘dinner party test’.
  • Critical thinkers who have the skills to challenge injustice and intolerance when they encounter it by showing empathy and understanding.  Inherent in this is their development of a knowledge of Aotearoa’s bicultural heritage, and the ability to understand people, cultures, and situations from multiple points of view.
  • Curious and inspired to continue their journey in literature and languages beyond school, to follow creative pathways, and to always seek opportunities to expand their worldview.

The importance of literature and language has never been greater in an ever-changing world saturated by media, influenced by global politics, and impacted by rapid technological change.  The humanities provide an outlet for students to seek connection by interpreting the world around them through cross-cultural and language based understandings.

There is no doubt that the job market is changing.  We hear daily that jobs in many traditional fields from the trades to medicine, from accounting to horticulture, are becoming obsolete as they are increasingly automated or outsourced to the developing world.  However, the research is clear that fields that involve the skills fostered in the humanities, like critical thought, emotional intelligence, philosophical and moral reasoning are in no danger of disappearing.  Therefore, students focused on success in the 21st Century job market would be wise to pursue study in these fields, setting themselves up for the greatest variety of opportunities in their lives beyond school.