Te Reo Māori

Why should you learn Te Reo Māori?

There are numerous amounts of research and evidence out there to say that learning another language other than your native language will be beneficial for your cognitive (how you process information) understanding. Te Reo Māori is also one of two official languages of New Zealand and provides a uniqueness that identifies us from the world.

Course Progression

Te Reo Māori is available for every student at every level of the school. Year 9 students will begin with a compulsory programme for two terms where they will learn how St John's College implements Te Ao Māori into our school life and how we sustain it to and beyond Year 13.

Year 10 will add on from Year 9 learning and begin to look at NCEA Level 1 Māori and what to expect when entering Year 11. Year 11 will see the beginning of Level 1 Te Reo Māori then from there you will advance onto Year 12 Level 2 Te Reo Māori. Finally, the third and final stage of your journey here at St John's College will be to complete Year 13 Level 3 Te Reo Māori. 

At this stage you will be at the beginning of your journey in learning Te Reo Māori. There are numerous other options and opportunities for you to continue learning Te Reo Māori. Job opportunities that Te Reo Māori can open up are increasing by the day. Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori!!