The Music Program at St. John's college is designed to encourage and develop a student's passion for music in a creative environment.  From the Year 9 option where students get a taste of what Music looks like at college through to NCEA where students create original music, perform to audiences as individuals and in groups, develop their theory knowledge and enhance their research skills. 

Students have a range of music opportunities available to them through extra-curricular groups and they are encouraged to join these as music students. Skills learnt while playing music in a group situation help increase confidence and ability.  Students will learn a variety of new skills each year, continuing on from the previous year with an increased focus on music technology and creativity present in the music industry today. 

By Year 13 music students will be able to:

Understanding music in context

  • Identify and describe the characteristics of music associated with a range of sound environments, in relation to historical, social, and cultural contexts.
  • Explore ideas about how music serves a variety of purposes and functions in their lives and in their communities.

Developing practical knowledge

  • Explore and identify how sound is made and changed, as they listen and respond to music and apply knowledge of the elements of music, structural devices, and technologies.

Developing ideas

  • Express and shape musical ideas, using musical elements, instruments, and technologies in response to sources of motivation.
  • Represent sound and musical ideas in a variety of ways.

Communicating and interpreting

  • Prepare and present brief performances of music, using performance skills and techniques.
  • Respond to and reflect on live and recorded music.