Level 1 English (External)

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Level 1 English External
Level 1 English provides a gateway for students to experience the study of written texts (novels, short stories, non-fiction, poetry, song lyrics, opinions), visual and oral texts (speeches, feature films, short films, advertisements, music videos, podcasts). These texts and genres are the foundations upon which students develop key critical thinking skills, and improve the effectiveness of their written and oral communication skills.

Students will study a written text(s), a film, and unfamiliar texts, all examined externally in the November NCEA exams. Internal assessment comprises of a speech on a topic of the student's choice, a research project linked to the studied literature topic, close viewing of a self-selected visual text e.g. music video or advertisement, and a choice of either formal or creative writing.

This is an interesting and academically rigorous course composed of both externally assessed (end of year examination) and internally assessed English Achievement Standards. Most English Standards contribute towards Level 1 Literacy.

In that standards below please note that students will have a choice between Achievement standard 1.5 (Formal Writing) and Achievement Standard 1.4 (Creative Writing). Only Achievement Standard 1.4 is noted to reflect a correct credit count for the course.




Level 2 English (External)

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2 x 1B5 exercise book

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The effective communication skills attained through reading, writing, speaking and listening, and the thinking skills developed in this course are applicable in all tertiary courses, and in all fields of employment.

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